Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long overdue...

It's literally taken me a year to figure out how I wanted to do this post. And after a year I'm still not sure...

It's funny how sometimes our thoughts of what we want and Heavenly Father's knowledge of what we need don't quite match up. If you're reading this then you know (at least because you read the previous entries) that last I updated I was finally getting out of Columbus and headed to live 2 exciting years with my best friend in NYC (to attend film school). Sounds super cool, right? The bad news: I wasn't there a week before things started falling apart. And in what was a very hard decision...I came back to Columbus. I've spent a year working for AFLAC and trying to find the purpose of it all.

I've come to realize a few things:

1. The Lord knows best. Trust Him. Even when it's, wait...ESPECIALLY when it's hard. When things don't make sense is the perfect time to believe.

2. Sometimes there isn't one greater purpose. Don't get caught up looking for the big things and miss all the little ones.

3. Sometimes you have to struggle for a while before you find the answer. And in my case, it's probably that I needed to be humbled a good bit before I'm ready to accept the answer.

4. It's not always a choice between good and bad...sometimes it's between good and better.

5. 3- and 4-year olds have all the answers.

6. God is mindful of each of us individually every single day.

I want to go into detail about what happened in NY and the stories that come with it, but I needed one post to break the ice. It's been a long year. A hard year. And somehow, looking back, an exciting year. There were a lot of struggles and challenges but a lot of learning that took place as well. I'll try to write tomorrow and fill in the gaps.